With Over 25 Years of Experience Designing Original Designs

Y.A.A.O.D. Specializes in Praise Dance Garments and Flags, Church Banners, Wedding Gowns, and
Prom Gowns. 

     We Recently Began This Business Called Y.A.A.O.D. An Acronym for You’re An Original Design or
(You 'Are' An Original Design).

Y.A.A.O.D. Believes That All Women Should Be Beautiful.

Y.A.A.O.D. Garments Are Easy to Wear.

Y.A.A.O.D. Fabric for the Praise Dance Line include beautiful Jewel Tone Satin, Crepe back Satin, Organza, Knit, Brocade, Metallic, Lame and plenty of Bling-Bling. Garments in the COLOR you need.

Y.A.A.O.D. Designs and Creates Custom Evening Wear and Wedding Gowns.

You're An Original Design